Education and Resources

Bite Prevention:

Most animal bites can be avoided if you learn to understand how animals communicate. They communicate through their body language and species-appropriate vocalization. Teach yourself and your children to stay safe around pets.

Surrender Prevention Programs

AC&C encourages all pet owners to consider all options for help prior to surrendering your pet to one of our centers. While we never turn away a pet in need, we are also here to help you keep your pet.

Through the AC&C Admissions Department and agreements with partnering organizations, AC&C is able to offer a variety of resources to assist pet owners in keeping their pets. Resources include

  • Reduced routine veterinary care
  • Funding for emergency veterinary care
  • Free and reduce spay/neuter
  • Behavior advice and trainer referrals
  • Reduced fee pet boarding
  • Assistance with tenant/landlord disputes, including NYCHA issues
  • Assistance for individuals entering DHS temporary housing
  • In home assistance for the elderly or disabled
  • General pet care supplies

Among our oldest partners is Pet Help Partners, a program that provides free and reduced cost resources to pet owners to assist them in keeping their pet. Please call 917.484.3169 (from 9AM - 5PM) for more information before you consider surrendering your pet.

Pet Help Partners resources include:

  • Reduced cost vet care
  • Free cat behavior advice
  • Reduced cost pet boarding and other temporary placement options
  • Free assistance with landlord-tenant pet-related issues, including NYCHA issues
  • Assistance for individuals entering DHS temporary housing

For additional information on how AC&C can help you keep your pet, please contact our Admissions Department.

Humane Laws

Many laws relating to animals govern the interaction between humans and animals. Some relate to public health and safety describing how a person should behave to ensure that their pet does not cause harm or injury to others in the community. Others prohibit certain types of conduct towards animals, often referred to as humane laws. Below are a list of laws and titles.

Landlord Issues

If you are having legal issues with your landlord regarding your pet, there might be an option to help. Please read NYCHA's Pet Policy and Residents' Rights to understand your tenant rights as a pet owner if you live in NYCHA housing.