Services for Owned Animals:

Saying goodbye to your companion is not easy. Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) is here to support you during this difficult time. For pets that are terminally ill, aged or injured to the extent that they will never lead a normal happy and healthy life, euthanasia is a humane option. We recommend that before you make any decision, you speak to your vet about it first. Remember that you are not alone. Our staff, who deeply understand that human-pet bond, can assist you.

We encourage you to bring your pet to a private veterinarian for euthanasia services whenever possible, as this may make it easier to say goodbye to your beloved companion. If this is not possible, you can bring your pet to one of our Care Centers to discuss your options and the humane euthanasia service we provide to the public.

Euthanasia is performed by a lethal injection of sodium pentobarbital. Each procedure is completed with care and compassion by a euthanasia certified technician. The cost of this service is $125.00. Final decision as to whether euthanasia is the appropriate option or not will be made by ACC.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate visitation requests during the procedure or cremation requests after the procedure.

Euthanasia at the Care Centers

The euthanasia rate is at an all-time low and continues to decrease each year (See our Statistics). Many animals are placed, but the ones who are not - usually due to illness and behavior - may be humanely euthanized. However, we are continuing to work toward the goal of eliminating the euthanasia of sick, but treatable animals, and placing them in loving homes.

How Long Before Animals are Put to Sleep (Euthanized)? There is no pre-specified time period we keep animals prior to euthanasia, as the decision is made for each individual animal based on their health and behavior as well as the resources of the Care Center at the given time. We are an open-admissions shelter, meaning we do not close our doors to newly arriving animals when we are full. If someone brings an animal to our shelter, we are required by law and contract to take it in. If an animal comes into our care as a stray, it will be held for the legal holding period of 72 hours to give us the time to try to find its original owner, and they will be held an additonal 24 hours (for a total of 96 hours) prior to euthanasia unless deemed medically necessary for humane reasons by a licensed veterinarian. Throughout the time animals are with us, we are working on placement plans and options (See ACC's Placement Policy). If an animal comes in as an owner-surrender, it can be evaluated quickly. If an animal comes in with a form of identification or is on hold for a legal reason, it can be held longer. If an animal is placed up for adoption, there is no set time that animal will be in the Care Center. It is determined by the health and/or behavior of the animal.