Field Services

ACC field officers help keep NYC communities safe and rescue animals in need. The Field Operations Division of ACC responds to calls from the public and government agencies, seven days a week from 8AM-8PM.

Important: If you are experiencing an animal emergency, please call 911 immediately.

If you have a non-emergency animal situation that requires an officer to be dispatched, please call 311.

Public Health Issues:

Rats, West Nile Virus, Bed Bugs, Avian Flu

New York City's Office of Veterinary Public Health Services provides information and resources to NYC residents and visitors to promote optimal the best health for them and their pets. You can visit their website on issues regarding rats, West Nile virus, bed bugs, avian flu and other public health situations in NYC.

Deceased Animals in a Home or on the Street

ACC does not pick up deceased animals in your home or on public streets and highways. You can bring your owned deceased pet to one of our Care Centers. There is a $50 fee for this service. If you are not able to bring your deceased pet to one of our Care Centers, you should wrap your pet in a black plastic bag (please double bag) and affix a sign on the bag which reads "Deceased Animal Inside," and place the bag outside for Sanitation to pick up. If you find a deceased animal on the street, sidewalk or highway, please call 311 and give the exact location where the animal is located. 311 will transfer you to the appropriate agency to make arrangements for pick up.