Executive Team

  • Risa Weinstock, Chief Executive Officer
  • MeLissa Webber, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Robin Brennen, DVM, Senior Director, Veterinary Medicine
  • Phillip Reid, Senior Director, Chief Information Officer
  • Ellen Curtis, Senior Director, Animal Placement & Enrichment Programs
  • Aurora Velazquez, Senior Director, Animal Care & Community Engagement

The above individuals may be reached by mail:

Animal Care Centers of NYC
11 Park Place, Suite 805
New York, NY 10007

Board of Directors

  • Patrick Nolan, Board Chair
  • Elaine Keane, Treasurer
  • Jay Kuhlman, DVM, Secretary
  • Yonaton Aronoff
  • Linda Chinn
  • Caren Fleit
  • Dennis Gross, MD
  • Denise Incandela
  • Neil Abramson
  • Corrine Schiff(Ex officio, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)
  • Sarah Aucoin (Ex officio, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation)
  • Chief Robert Boyce(Ex officio, NYPD, Chief of Detectives)

Advisory Board

  • Linda Chinn, Chair
  • Chris Allieri
  • Douglas Ajram
  • John Bartlett
  • Debbie Baum
  • Alexandra Bishop
  • Emma Bloomberg
  • Georgina Bloomberg
  • Michelle Chin
  • Corinne Colen
  • Cesar Fernandez-Chavez
  • Mary Fowkes, MD
  • Carrie Gross
  • Dennis Gross, MD
  • Nadine Heidinger
  • Laura Herring
  • Cameron Icard
  • Tamar Kamen
  • Yukako Kawata
  • David Kurtz
  • Marcia Levine
  • Gurdon Metz
  • Michelle Nakash
  • Nancy Novograd
  • Katell Pleven
  • Stefanie Rinza
  • Charlène von Saher
  • Marei von Saher
  • Justin Silver
  • Kyla Sternlieb
  • Joshua Werber

Board Meetings

Recent Board Meetings:

06/29/2017 Board Meeting Presentation

01/27/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

01/27/2017 Board Meeting Presentation

06/09/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

06/09/2016 Board Meeting Presentation

01/22/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

01/22/2016 Board Meeting Presentation

06/24/2015 Board Meeting Minutes

06/24/2015 Board Meeting Presentation

01/23/2015 Board Meeting Minutes

01/23/2015 Board Meeting Presentation

09/04/2014 Board Meeting Minutes

09/04/2014 Board Meeting Presentation

06/19/2014 Board Meeting Minutes

06/19/2014 Board Meeting Presentation

04/23/2014 Board Meeting Minutes

04/23/2014 Board Meeting Presentation

01/30/2014 Board Meeting Minutes

01/30/2014 Board Meeting Presentation

09/26/2013 Board Meeting Minutes

09/26/2013 Board Meeting Presentation

06/14/2013 Board Meeting Minutes

06/14/2013 Board Meeting Presentation

01/31/2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Financial Statements

Animal Care Centers of NYC is committed to transparency and honesty. That's why we make our Form 990 available to all who are interested.

It's your support that helps to keep us going and enables us to take care of thousands of homeless and abandoned animals each year. Animal Care Centers of NYC is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with its own audited financial statement. Please see below for more information.

Audited Financial Statements

If you would like a copy of the Animal Care Centers of NYC's Form 990 mailed to you, please send an e-mail.

Feel free to download the following reports and forms below (PDFs to be inserted):

To help ACC with our Mission, please consider getting involved.