Lost and Found

ACC is committed to reuniting lost and found pets with their families. We take in lost and found pets and stray animals every day (except holidays) at our care centers from 8AM-8PM at our Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island (see our hours and locations). All lost and found pets are held for 72 hours in order to provide you time to come find them or for us reunite them with their families. If no one claims them as their own after 72 hours, the animal gets released to the shelter and evaluated for placement.

If you've lost a pet or found a pet, click on the links below for more information on what to do. ACC reminds all pet owners to ensure that their animal does not get lost by practicing responsible pet ownership including making sure your dog is licenced and always kept on a leash when outside , that your cat is kept indoors, your pet is wearing a tag and has a microchip, and is spayed/neutered.

Visit our Education & Resources page for more information on being a responsible pet owner.

If You Have Lost a Pet

Losing your pet is a very traumatic experience. Please click the link below to get some helpful tips that will increase your chances of finding your pet.

Please Help Me Find My Lost Pet

If You Have Found a Lost Pet

Thank you for taking care of the lost pet you have found. Please click the link below for a list of options to assist you in locating the family of the lost pet.

Please Help Me Reunite a Lost Pet with its Family