Pet Identification: Licenses and Microchips

Identification and Dog Licenses

ACC recommends that you have a collar and tag on your pet's neck at all times. If your pet is lost, this is the best way to expedite you being reunited with your pet. For dogs, it is required by NYC law for your dog to have a dog license and that he or she wears it around his or her neck at all times. If a dog comes into an ACC Care Center with a license, we will contact you by phone or letter. Please remember to always keep your pet's identification current, so that you may be contacted if your pet is lost. Download the Dog Licensing Application today, or renew your dog's license.


To help ensure the safe return of your pet if lost, consider getting a microchip implant for your pet. It is the preferred and permanent method of identification. A microchip is a quick, safe and painless procedure done by a veterinarian. The veterinarian inserts a tiny microchip containing an identifying code under the skin at the scruff of the neck. The owner sends the pets' information to the appropriate registry on the form provided at the time of microchipping. This information will then be readily accessible to shelters and veterinarians with scanners nationwide.

All animals that come into ACC's Care Centers are scanned for a microchip multiple times during their stay. If a chip is detected, we will make every reasonable effort to reunite the pet with you. It's imperative that you register the chip and keep your contact information current so that we can find you.

All animals adopted from ACC leave with a Home Again Microchip. While it is registered to ACC, it is important that the adopter register the animal in their own name so that if the animal is lost, he or she can be reunited with you. You may register your Home Again Microchip here.

You can find other low-cost microchipping options at the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Low Cost Microchipping Clinic.