No one is in a better position to find your pet a new home than you are. Before exploring ACC as a potential option for your pet, we recommend you attempt to find him or her a new home yourself. Here are some tips for ensuring your pet goes to a safe new home: Rehoming Packet (PDF) – view online, or download and print.

The easiest way to rehome your pet is to promote your animal for adoption online. Before scheduling an appointment, visit the following websites to get your pet adopted without the stress of being in a care center.


Other Placement Options

ACC also has several other options for pet owners who can no longer keep their pet but are reluctant to surrender him or her to a shelter. Through our deferred intakes program, ACC is able to seek placement for your animal while he or she remains in the comfort of your home. We are also able to match certain types of pets directly with private rescue organizations that may be interested in receiving them. For more information, please contact our Admissions Department.