Surrender Prevention Options

ACC’s goal is to work with pet owners, empowering you to take an active role in determining the best outcome for your pets. We encourage all pet owners to consider other options for help or private rehoming prior to surrendering your pet to one of our centers. While we never turn away a pet in need, we are also here to help you keep your pet.

Owner Support

Through the ACC Admissions Department and agreements with partnering organizations, ACC is able to offer a variety of resources to assist pet owners in keeping their pets. Resources include:

  • Reduced fee routine veterinary care including spay/neuter
  • Funding for emergency veterinary care
  • Behavior advice and trainer referrals
  • Reduced fee pet boarding
  • Assistance with tenant/landlord disputes, including NYCHA issues
  • Assistance for individuals entering DHS temporary housing
  • Assistance for military deployment

To find out if ACC can help support you in keeping your pet, please contact us and let us know about your situation.