Ways to Help

If you are unable to become an official Volunteer but still want to help raise awareness and donations, consider the following:

Host a Third Party Activity:

A Third Party Activity is where an individual or group hosts a fundraiser, or awareness event or activity and gives the proceeds to support the animals at ACC. Some examples are:

  • Plan a car wash or Super Bowl party;
  • Organize a Walk-a-Thon;
  • Have a bake sale, or brunch;
  • Hold a raffle (ask local businesses to donate things - whatever they sell or service they provide, someone will be able to use it!);
  • Ask for donations instead of a gift for a birthday;
  • Offer to walk people's dogs or pet-sit when they go on vacation and donate the money to help homeless animals;
  • Hold a donation drive for items from our Wish List.

If you would like to host an event or activity, please let us know. Any use of ACC's name, logo, photographs, images, or language must be approved in advance. Please fill-out the Third Party Fundraiser Form and return to ACC , or you may contact us at rsvp@nycacc.org.

Collect Needed Supplies from Our Wish List

Please visit our Wish List for a full list of items we need. You may also gather supplies for ACC with a Supply Drive.

Make Pipe Cleaner Toys for ACC Cats

Twist one end of a pipe cleaner around a couple of feathers so that the feathers hang down in the cage.

By whirling, batting and playing with the pipe cleaners before mealtime, the cats get stimulated on two fronts. First, their hunting instincts are triggered. Cats are not aerobic hunters and most of their hunting time is spent stalking, so this experience very much approximates the real experience of hunting. Second, the cats are having physical interaction with the pipe cleaners, so that hunting urge is also being satisfied. The routine of this hunt-before-feeding also stimulates their "seeking circuit" and helps build up the anticipation of the wet food meal.

You can find pipe cleaners and feathers at any art supply store. You may drop these completed toys off at any ACC Care Center.

Make a Cage Comforter

Cage Comforter sewers make small comforters and toys for the kittens, cats and small dogs in our care. Cage comforters are important for our animals because happy comfortable pets are even more irresistible and have a better chance of being adopted.

Cage Comforter Specifications and Instructions:

  • Comforters can be made from any type of material except looped fabric such as chenille or terry cloth that might get snagged in the animals' nails. They should be a finished size of 12"x18", but this may vary slightly. The comforters can be stuffed with various types of material, but polyester batting works best because it dries quicker after laundering. The batting should be at least .5" thick.
  • Instructions:
    1. Cut the material to 26"x38".
    2. Fold it in half with the wrong side facing out so that it now measures 13"x19". Allow an extra inch around for seams and sew to sides, leaving one end open.
    3. Turn material right side-out.
    4. Stuff with batting.
    5. Sew across the open edge.
    6. To finish, tack down in each corner and once in the middle so that the stuffing does not shift during laundering.

That's it! You have just created a gift of comfort for an animal in need. You have increased his or her chances of being adopted by helping her to relax so she can put on her best face for potential adopters. When the animal goes to his or her new home, the little bed will go with him or her and this little familiar item will help ease your new pet's adjustment to a million new and unfamiliar things. You have done a wonderful thing. Thank you!

No-Sew Cage Comforters

Here are the instructions for no-sew blankets for those who are afraid of a sewing machine and needles. Make a New-Sew Cage Comforter!