The New Hope program is ACC's proactive community initiative aimed at finding homes for New York City's unwanted pet population. To accomplish this, ACC establishes and cultivates mutually beneficial and productive relationships with cat, dog, rabbit and exotic animal placement organizations that assist and partner with ACC in placing animals, many of which may require specialized medical care or behavior training.

New Hope partners take ownership of ACC animals and care for them in shelters, foster homes, boarding facilities and/or their own private facilities prior to placing them in permanent homes through their own adoption process.

New Hope is part of the Placement Department at ACC, which also includes Adoptions, Foster Program, and Behavior. ACC employs New Hope staff to serve as direct contacts for New Hope partners, to respond to inquiries about animals of interest, to communicate information about animals most in need of placement and to ultimately process the final placement of animals with partner organizations.

The Placement Manager oversees the New Hope program, responds to questions regarding the program, reviews and approves New Hope partner applications and serves as the point person for communicating and responding to any problems.

The New Hope placement process is truly an interdepartmental effort involving all members of the ACC team. ACC employees participate in the daily activities necessary to care for the animals and prepare them for placement in permanent homes or with New Hope partners. Shelter managers and supervisors, animal care officers and volunteers work to provide the best care possible, including feeding, cleaning, walking and socialization, and to provide information regarding the status of animals available to New Hope partners.

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants provide exams, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and treatment for animals. Field Officers rescue lost and injured animals, transporting them safely to ACC facilities and, in some instances, later to New Hope partners, foster homes, other shelters, veterinary hospitals and boarding facilities.

A key partner to the New Hope program is the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Through their Wheels of Hope program, they transport animals to New Hope partners seven days a week. They also support New Hope partners with transport for spay/neuter appointments.

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) thanks the following partners and sponsors for their commitment to enriching the lives of the homeless and abandoned animals of New York City.

Maddie's Fund
Mayor's Alliance
petco foundation
Biscuits & Bath
PETSMART Charities